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William Wilde: Latex Loving

William Wilde is a London based designer, whose collections are primarily based around the material, Latex. His talent for transforming this unusual substance into high fashion pieces has let to his garments being featured in the covers of glossy magazines such as Vogue Italia and Elle UK. 

After completing a Fashion Design degree at the University of Westminster,William worked in fetish wear design for a few years before launching his own label in October 2010. He has also previously worked as a free lance Bridal wear cutter and is now a Costumier at The Box, London. 

With three strikingly vibrant collections already under his belt, this September William unveiled his latest, Filthy Wilde. Following the success of his Filty Wilde fashion show at The Box, Soho, featuring London local girl, Daisy Lowe, I sat down with him to discuss his rollacoster to the top. 
First, a bit about the man himself...

What do you like to do on your down time?
Drawing, Drinking, Dancing!

Favourite haunt in UK? 
London - So many places! 

First fashion memory? 
Joan Collins in Dynasty

Now lets talk about William Wilde...

So, your love affair with latex, has the passion been there from the very beginning? 
Not really, I got into latex design as it was a lot more exciting and theatrical than the daunting alternative of high street fashion! As soon as I started to work with it, it seemed to me that there was a world of things that I could do with it, I still think it's very exciting and there's loads more to be explored but I also love to work with many other fabrics. 
What did your teachers think - did they take you seriously? 

Some did, some didn't! My stuff was always a bit off centre and so it divided opinion I guess. I just do what is instictive to me, I love referencing art/film/costume in my work, always have, 
you either like it or you don't!

Working at The Box as a Costume Designer - has it influenced you brand or is it the style of William Wilde which drew you to this particular establishment? 
The two compliment each other really well, I work in totally different ways at The Box to when I'm in my studio but one always gives me stuff that I can use in the other. The results can be really different as both need to be kept true to their identities.

How has the brand evolved since its birth in 2010?

I've just introduced my first pieces of printed silk jersey into my most recent collection - Filthy Wilde, and had my first show! I hope the essence of the brand has remained the same but as I aim to make each collection better and better, I hope to expand in materials and technique.

How do the arts - music and film for example - influence your work? 
A lot! Part of the fun for me is to reference elements of hair, costume and make-up from my favourite things like film, art, music and period costume.

So what kind of woman is a William Wilde woman? 
The William Wilde woman is just the woman who looks at my stuff and loves it, I wouldn't want to dictate what women should wear, I just create what I love! The image I aim to create is one of strength, confidence and style.

Already so early on in your career, you have had your collections recognised and appreciated by the likes of Daisy Lowe and Rihanna. Who else would you love to see wearing William Wilde?
That's tricky, there's so many people! I'm really flatterd when anyone wants to wear my clothing and them doing so suggests that they get the character and the fun that I've tried to create, so I'm lucky that they pick me. Having said that I'd love to see Nicole Kidman in William Wilde at the Oscars!

What was the inspiration for the colour palette and style of your new collection Filthy Wilde? 
It evolves as the collection develops but I love green, ginger and gold together and the following elements lent themselves to these colours for me: dollars, new york, diamonds, money, 20's, 30's, Tamara Delempicka, Andromeda, Cleopatra, chandeliers, Ginger Rogers, Lousie Brooks, Art Deco, dirty cash, filthy rich - Filthy Wilde!

Any plans to expand your brand - into menswear perhaps? 
I might do a range of mens pants!

Back onto the immediate future - what’s next for William Wilde?
Need to get started on A/W 2013!

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