Monday, 19 November 2012

Topshop slam dunk

1st Base under the Bleachers

It used to be the case - or so my rich knowledge of American teen sitcoms tell me - that the Varsity bomber jacket was reserved only two classes of people. Firstly, students who actually played a sport (predominantly baseball and American football - the chess team never quite reached this pinnacle of cool) and, secondly, the girls sleeping with them (the jocks, not the chess team). 

Now, all this has changed and no longer do you have to sit on the cool table to bag yourself a Bomber.  With sports luxe on many a designers mind, items such as the Bomber Jacket have filtered down to the high street.



Evil Twin Black Salt Tunic 
Topshop Dusk Shadow Wedge Boots by CJG

Alexandra Dodds Jewellery

Nixon Kensington Watch

Though the Whistles Varsity jacket is a classic choice, its also worth taking a gander at these from Urban Outfitters and ASOS. 

My mood would definitely dictate which of these jackets I would chose to wear on any given day because they are both so different. The very fact that the ASOS jacket is actually mens, is key to its appeal. It's oversized and sporty but can be so beautifully juxtaposed with a brightly jewelled collar necklace.