Thursday, 6 December 2012

Elbow: Wembles at Wembley

I ask you, what better way is there to break up the monotonous drawl of a Winter working week, than to go see a gig that brings a little sunshine? Last Wednesday, relatively impulsively (we only booked the tickets two days before), me and my sister went to see Elbow at the Wembley Area. Boy, was it worth the trip. 

The crowd, which was smaller than I had expected, began the night somewhat subdued. This is why credit is due to Elbow Frontman come everyday boozer, Guy Garvey who took the audience into his hands and injected a bit of fire.  Greeting us from the outset as 'Wembles' - a nickname we retained throughout the show - Garvey took the time to thank the audience for helping him reach his dream, to perform at Wembley. A fine achievement from 'four ordinary guys from the North'. 

Highlights of the night included Neat Little Rows, Grounds for Divorce and Guy's attempt to teach the London crowd a bit of Northern slang. Whats clear about Garvey is his utter infatuation with music. It runs through him. What's more, he is a natural entertainer. Breezing happily through breaks in the songs, he jokes with the crowd, adjusting his ill-fitting suit jacket and guzzling on a pint of beer.  

To round of the night, they brought out the classics. First, Open Arms, then the ultimate crowd pleaser, A Day Like This

There may a few less faces in the crowd than we would have hoped but, hey, there was optimum swaying potential. And who can ask more than that. 

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